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                     Facing the Challenges of Our Generation

"The democracy we are talking about and endeavoring to establish as a basis of governance in our country, draws its foundation and elements from the legacy of our faith and the practices and experience of world established democracies, taking into account the rich tradition of Islamic values, as well as social and family relationships and kinship which we take pride in. For several years Qatar has been witnessing a process of democracy that, we are trying to enhance and develop....The national heritage of the Qatari people dictates the country's own way of dealing with the drastic social, cultural and economic changes that focused itself on this society."
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H.H. Sheikh
 Hamad Bin Khalifa Al Thani
The Emir Of State of Qatar

"Democracy And Free Trade is a true motto that we hold fast to as a basis for our political and economic orientation.
It reflects to a large extent to the targets we are trying to accomplish, And which are derived from the principles of individual initiative, responsible freedom,social justice and political,economic and cultural openness, as distinctly outlined &firmly founded by H.H.Sheikh Hamad Bin Khalifa Al Thani,the Emir of the State of Qatar.These principles are mandatory springboards from which we should launch our plans and aspirations, aiming to develop our countryand maintain its role as a conductive, active and influential member in today's world movement towards a brighter future."

H.E. Sheikh
 Hamad Bin Jassem Bin Jabor Al Thani
1st Deputy & Minister of Foreign Affairs


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