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About Us
The State of Qatar has been working very keenly on organizing Doha’s Forum on Democracy and Free Trade, regularly since 5 years, under the guidance  of His Highness the Emir of the State of Qatar. These conferences brought together participants representing the elite of several officials, decision makers, heads of trading companies, diplomats, academics and intellectuals in order to discuss critical and vital issues on the international field within the frame of the common willingness to move the democratic process forward, to develop citizens’ participation in establishing free trade legislations and to rub out frontiers and obstacles for a more equitable globalization and thus a better future.

 Throughout its four previous sessions and its next fifth one, this forum has yet become an annual crossroads for new ideas in political, trade and cultural fields and where official or independent personalities debate in the light of drastic social changes  that outline the future and assign humanity with new urgent engagements to come out with a set of common evaluations that enlighten the way out of crisis and launch peace, tolerance, security and freedom values while excluding all kinds of violence.

 The State of Qatar aspires through this annual forum to be a crossroad for this elite, contributing to the progress of the region.


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