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10th Doha Forum, Enriching Future Conference Opens Tomorrow
Under the patronage of HH the Emir Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani, the 10th Doha Forum and a conference on enriching the Middle East''s Economic Future will open here tomorrow, Monday. The three day event, to be held at the Ritz Carlton Hotel, will gather several heads of states and governments, ministers, parliament speakers, businessmen,researchers, scientists, academics, mediamen , civil society and dignitaries from across the world. At its 10th anniversary, the Doha forum participants are slated to discuss several visions on development, peace and global stability, investment following the financial crisis, energy security, oil exports, human development challenges, the climate change, electronics, economic competitiveness, trade and other business topics. Regarding politics, the forum will discuss the national identity issue, immigration, religion and the foreign interference in the internal affairs of other states. The education, media freedom, technology, democracy, the role of youth and women in the development will also be deliberated during the forum. The participants will also discuss the role of the civil society organisations in boosting the the democratic transition, social peace , the democrsatic tracks and maintaining peace as a joint field between the UN and the non-government organisations , the role of youths in pushing forward the development process and the democratic practice and women''s employment
The last day of the forum will witness four sessions the last of which will be on education and scientific reseach under the title,'''' enriching the scientific programmes and competition''''. DR. abdullah bin ali al thani, the deputy chairman of Qatar Foundation and dr. Hessa Sadeq, the dean of the faculty of education, qatar university are among others to address the session which will tackle several topics inter-alia the foreign educational institutions , sciences and scientific research , development, the challenges of educational levels and the perpective development of local education. Whereas the second session of the forum will discuss stability and the international and humanitarian stability and is to be presented by HE minister of state for foreign affairs ahmed bin abdullah al mahmoud. The speakers will discuss international mediations in the field of peace and conflict resolution centers and key players in the conflict and move beyond the stage of armed conflict and regional peace and international security forces and the role of regional security and cooperation and resolution of conflicts. The 9th Doha Forum and the conference on Enriching the economic future of the Middle East, held on May 2-5 , 2009 and ended in matchless success after discussions and deliberations which were characterized by openness ,frankness and transparency where the participants numbering more than 600 ,exchanged views and ideas on a range of economic and political issues.(END) MD

source :-QNA
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