Doha Third Conference For Religions Dialogue

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Doha conference on religions opens today
Web posted at: 6/29/2005 2:22:46
Source ::: The Peninsula

Doha: Top leaders from the world's three major religions- Islam, Christianity and Judaism will attend the third Doha conference on religious dialogue which opens today at the Four Seasons Hotel.

The objective of the conference is to highlight the role of religions in establishing human civilisation and common values, which serve as the basis of all human achievements.

The conference, among other issues, will discuss democracy, which Qatar has been diligently pursuing.

Two books in Arabic and English, containing researches from previous conferences will be distributed at the meeting.

The conference, which was earlier limited to Islamic and Christian faiths is now expanded to include Judaism as well. Several noted Jewish scholars expected to attend the conference for the first time.

Some 86 scholars from from various Asian, Arab and European countries and the US are expected to attend the conference.




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