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H.E. Faisal Bin Abdulla Al-Mohmoud, Minister of Endowment & Religious Affairs inaugurated the Conference works in Sheraton Doha       



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General Information

For the last five years, Qatar has been the center for inter-faith dialogue among the religious groups around the world. The first two inter-faith dialogue conferences were confined to only two major religions, Islam and Christianity. However in the third conference, representatives from the three monotheistic religions were invited and since then there has been a notable increase on the number of attendees. As a result the inter-faith dialogue event has been highly popular and successful amongst various groups, researchers and individual followers of all religions, this provided opportunities to share common values and interests in this very important inter-faith dialogue.

The previous conferences were focused on the theme, “Religion's Role in Building World Civilization and Progressive Human Personality”. Furthermore, the title of the Fifth Conference was, "Spiritual Values and World Peace".

Discussions throughout the Fifth conference, highlighted the profound need to unite world religions against the great dangers that surrounds mankind. One of the key and most important recommendations of the Fifth Conference was a call for the establishment of the Doha International Centre for Inter-faith Dialogue. The role of this centre will primarily be to spread the culture of dialogue, the peaceful coexistence of humanity and the acceptance of others.

By the Grace of the Almighty God the center has since been established and its opening inauguration is soon to be celebrated, God willing.

The Sixth Conference will be held in Doha from the 13th -14th of July 2008. The theme of this conference will be, "Religious Values Between Peace and Life Respect". This year 200 guests from various countries around the world have been invited to participate in this global event.

Conference participants will discuss various papers including:

· The Life and its values

· Violence and self-defense

· Interfaith Peace

· Euthanasia

· Abusing the religious symbols

From the perspectives of the three monotheistic religions we seek to reach common and harmonious cooperation and a genuine desire to lay the foundations of world peace.

And for that very reason we as a team of true believes and promoters of the inter-faith dialogue wish to share our vision with the global community, to resolve world conflicts and restore peace and harmony across the globe.

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