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H.E. Faisal Bin Abdulla Al-Mohmoud, Minister of Endowment & Religious Affairs inaugurated the Conference works in Sheraton Doha       



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News Today, India / Conference of Interfaith Dialogue underway
Wed, 14 May, 2008,12:07 PM
The 6th Doha Conference of Inter-faith Dialogue opened in Doha on Tuesday with a galaxy of scholars representing revealed religions, intellectuals, and media people taking part in it.

The conference over a two-day meeting is held under the theme Religious Values: "Perspectives on Peace and Respect of Life" will take up a host of important topics.
The topics includes, Suicide and Abortion,Violence and Self-defence, Euthanasia, Desecration of Religious Symbols, Attitude towards Other
Religions, Human Trafficking and Selling of Organs, Media and Violence, and peace in Revealed religions.

In an inaugural speech Minister of Wakfs ( Endowment) and Islamic Affairs H.E. Faisal Bin Abdullah Al-Mahmoud highlighted the Doha Conferences of Inter-faith Dialogue as an oasis of understanding, tolerance and peaceful coexistence thanks to the dedicated vision and sponsorship by H.H. the Emir Sheikh Hamad Bin Khalifa Al Thani.

These conferences have become an international landmark seeking welfare and common good for mankind and an endeavour for extending bridges of cooperation among civilisations in order to achieve further understanding among various cultures and to encourage inter-faith dialogue with a view to consolidating the concept of fraternity of all peoples which is a target sought by all religions, H.E. the minister said.

He underlined the significant role by the Doha International Centre for Interfaith Dialogue in enhancing inter-faith dialogue, a matter which had eventually become a reality after it was just a dream and a recommendation.

For the last five years, Qatar has been the centre for inter-faith dialogue among the religious groups around the world. The first two inter-faith dialogue conferences were confined to only two major religions, Islam and Christianity.

However in the third conference, representatives from the three monotheistic religions were invited and since then there has been a notable increase on the number of attendees.

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