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>> 170 scholars to attend interfaith dialogue >>        H.E. Ahmed bin Abdullah Al Mahmoud opened Tuesday morning the 7th Doha Conference on Interfaith Dialogue, which kicked off this year under the slogan" Human Solidarity".       
Qatar Tribune/ Doha interfaith meet from Oct 20

DOHA The seventh Doha Conference of Interfaith Dialogue will start on October 20.

More than 170 religious leaders, scholars and secular experts from different parts of the world are expected to participate.

The conference was announced by the chairperson of the Doha International Centre for Interfaith Dialogue (DICID) Ibrahim al Naimi on Sunday.

Naimi was joined by QU Dean of Sharia and Islamic Studies and DICID board member Aisha al Mannai to discuss this year’s conference.

The conference will focus on human solidarity and religious responses to natural disasters and famines.

The impact of religious financial systems during the financial crisis will also be discussed as well as the religious rights and freedom in various societies.

Al Naimi said, “We brought influential keynote speakers who achieved a lot in terms of religious tolerance like the Mufti of Rwanda Sheikh Saleh Habib Habimana.

Habimana has played a major role in reconciling religious rivals in Rwanda.” Al Naimi added that this year’s conference is different due to the diversity of speakers who represent all religions and hold different views.

Answering a question about the boycott of the conference Qatari Muslim scholar Youssuf al Qardawi, Al Naimi said, “Al Qardawi has always supported the DICID activities but we respect his decision to not attend the conference.” QU dean of Sharia Department, Aisha al Mannai said, “The conflict in Gaza will be at the top the agenda in our meetings and discussions.

We will hopefully have an open dialogue and fruitful discussions.

We need to raise awareness about accepting the others as they are.

Qatar has become aware of the importance of interfaith dialogue.” Al Naimi added that the conference will include discussions among school students representing all the religious communities in Qatar.

They will have the chance to debate their concerns and talk about the importance of interfaith cooperation to resolve socio-economic problems.

In addition, the first DICID magazine named ‘Adyan’ (religions in Arabic) will be launched during the conference.

The magazine will be issued in English and Arabic and will discuss different issues by scholars and professors from Qatar University, Georgetown University and international institutes.

The DICID will continue its activities and seminars like the previous discussions held in Lebanon and France.

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