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>> 170 scholars to attend interfaith dialogue >>        H.E. Ahmed bin Abdullah Al Mahmoud opened Tuesday morning the 7th Doha Conference on Interfaith Dialogue, which kicked off this year under the slogan" Human Solidarity".       
ISRIA - OIC Secretary General warns against targeting Islamic and Christian sacred ...
OIC Secretary General warns against targeting Islamic and Christian sacred sites in Al-Quds
The Secretary General of the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC), Professor Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu, emphasized in an address delivered on Tuesday, 20th October 2009, before the 7th Doha Interfaith Dialogue Conference that Islamic civilization stands out compared to other civilizations by regarding Man as its linchpin and the backbone of its value system.

He added that the OIC has pioneered the dialogue among civilizations. The OIC is also the first organization to include back in 1998 the dialogue among civilizations on the UN's agenda. The UN General Assembly later took on the issue and 2001 was declared 'Year of Dialogue among Civilizations' throughout the world.

The Secretary General pointed out that the call he made in recent years for a historic reconciliation between Islam and Christianity is bound to stamp out the untenable motives for the current dispute and pave the way for cooperation and synergy between the two civilizations.

Broaching the Palestinian dossier, Ihsanoglu stated that the OIC was the first to initiate contact with the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva to demand on behalf of the Islamic Group that an international fact-finding investigation be conducted into the blatant violations of human rights in Gaza, the indiscriminate killing of innocent civilians, and the massive destruction of Palestinians' property and vital amenities. He called for solidarity, now that the Goldstone report has been endorsed by the UN Human Rights Council, in order to achieve the report's objective of holding accountable the perpetrators of these heinous acts.

The Secretary General called for proper respect for Muslim and Christian sacred sites and sanctities in the holy city of Al-Quds. He underscored that the judaization of Al-Quds constitutes a brazen encroachment upon other people's rights. He indicated that Al-Quds permanently hosted Christians and their holy sites for the past 2000 years just as Islamic holy sites have been in the city for over the past 1400 years. He cautioned that Israel currently strives to destroy both Islamic and Christian religious sites and pushes hard for the complete control and judaization of the holy city of Al-Quds

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