Qatar to host Conference on enriching the Middle East economic future
The state of Qatar is hosting a three-day conference on January 29-31, 2006 to explore the prospects of enriching the economic future of the Middle East. The conference is expected to attract some 250-300 economists and specialists from various Middle Eastern, Arab, Asian and European countries as well as the United States, especially major world economies, key energy consumers and major beneficiaries of the financial revenues of oil. Assistant foreign minister for follow-up affairs and president of the ministryís standing conferences committee, H.E. Mohamed bin Abdullah Al-Rumeihi stated that the conference would deal with a host of key economic matters of interest to all countries of the region. The conference would try to figure out a clearer image about how Middle Eastern economies would look like in the foreseeable post-oil era of openness and competitiveness. Trade-related matters on the level of business and industrial Communities would also be key issues of discussion at the conference, he added. The conference would table key energy matters from a global perspective, H.E. the assistant foreign minister said, noting that conferees would analyze the current and figure out the prospected situation of the global energy market, the major influential players, and the significance of Middle Eastern oil resources to world economies. The conference would also be a good opportunity for participants to learn about the strategic visions of major Asian economies such as India, china, Korea and Japan towards the on-going developments in the region especially with regard to potential increases in oil prices and the subsequent impact of such a scenario on Asia and the world, he added. The conference comes at time when the United States and other major world powers pay keen attention to the on-going developments in the Middle East, especially on the economic level, H.E. Al-Rumeihi said. The two-day event, would therefore provide good opportunities for key players to come together to explore the prospects of the future and share views on how best to handle matters of common concern, he added. H.E. the assistant foreign minister for follow-up affairs highly lauded the wise policy of the state of Qatar under the leadership of H.H. the Emir sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani in setting resilient and dynamic mechanisms for the practice of politics and diplomacy to serve Qatarís relations with the world on the humanitarian, cultural, and intellectual levels, including the promotion of freedom, human rights, free trade and development. The some 84 conferences and functions due to be hosted by the state of Qatar this year are self-evident examples to the dynamism and the openness of the Qatari policies, he said. The 3rd US relations with the Muslim world conference, the 4th conference on dialogue among religions, and the Doha forum on democracy, development and free trade would be among the key gatherings due to be hosted by Doha this year, he said. The ministry of foreign affairs also will organize two important conferences on Asian cooperation dialogue. It is a ministerial conference attended by 32 Asian countries. The other is the conference of new and restored democracies in which many officials as well as governmental, non governmental and parliamentary organizations from all over the world will take part. He noted that this conference with its various committees will be chaired by the state of Qatar for a period of three years. When asked whether the conference of enhancing the economic future of the Middle East has anything to do with what is called the great Middle East, H.E. Al-Rumeihi staid that the Doha conference has nothing to do with that and it is about the Middle East and the region surrounding the Arabian Gulf starting from Afghanistan and India, and including many countries such as Somalia, Libya, Turkey and Islamic Republics of central Asia and others. He stressed that this area is of great importance in terms of the developments it witnesses while the great Middle East is another political region with other tendencies. And whether Qatar is going to host a second conference to support the police forces in Afghanistan, H.E. said that Qatar organized the first conference last year and it was successful by all standards and is currently following up its results and at the same time is cooperating with the home ministry of Germany which will host the second conference.