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Time & Temperature in Doha

Former French premier wants people to spend
By Ourouba Hussein
Former French prime minister Alain Juppé has urged people to spend money as in the past to overcome the present economic crisis.
He said that the French economy is going through a tough time, as a result of the global financial crisis.
Speaking at a reception at the French ambassador’s residence, he pointed out that the French government is taking the right steps to counter the negative effects and help in securing the economy.
“It is going to be a tough year despite all the actions being taken,” he added.
Juppé urged the French community in Qatar not to be worried and to keep spending their money. He explained that a big part of the crisis getting worse was due to psychological reasons.
“Most people have stopped spending and embarked on a saving mode and this is only going to worsen the economic situation,” he added.
Juppe was in Qatar to attend the Doha Forum that concluded
on Tuesday 5-5-2009.

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