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Time & Temperature in Doha

Fix problems through talks: president Chirac
Former French president, Jacques Chirac yesterday said peace and harmony between the nations of the world are “essential”.
The 22nd president (May 1995–May 2007) and twice the prime minister of France is in town to participate in the 9th annual Doha Forum that began here yesterday with an aim to discuss democracy and free trade.
Speaking to Gulf Times at the Museum of Islamic Arts, President Chirac said: “We (the world) have to fix the problems and issues through discussions and negotiations. And not wars!”
Shortly after leaving office, president Chirac also founded the Jacques Chirac Foundation for Sustainable Development and Cultural Dialogue that hopes to ensure people’s access to drinking water, medical care, fight against deforestation and desertification, and preserve endangered languages and cultures.
“I came here because we have the same goals as Sheikha Mozah and they correspond with the same objective,” president Chirac noted when asked about his Foundation.
“I want to express my gratitude for the warm welcome I received here,” he added.

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