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Build a stable world order, says Emir

The Emir His Highness Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa al Thani on Monday opened the Doha Forum 2010 and Enriching the Middle East’s Economic Future Conference at the Ritz Carlton Hotel.

HH the Emir set the tone for the proceedings by laying stress on building a stable economic and political world order that allows every nation equal opportunities to develop and prosper.

Addressing the opening session of the 10th session of the Forum, HH the Emir said: “Our meeting is being held this year amid difficult circumstances because of the economic and financial turmoil encountered by the world that deserves to be studied and examined, and which makes it difficult for any conference or forum to form a conclusive view or make definitive decisions on the issues.

We are all required to watch and follow what is going on at the seats of international decision-making, world production sites and globalised markets with utmost seriousness and keenness, because we are facing a moment of a major change that the world stability, security and safety necessitate.

There is a contradiction, though. We have now reached an unprecedented degree of scientific and technological advancement in terms of availability of commodities, services and funds that gives us reasons to be assured about the future.

But, on the other hand, we see throughout both the developed and the developing world issues and happenings that raise serious concerns mostly resulting from the violent disturbances we witness.

“In our advanced world, communities are vulnerable to apprehension regarding their social security and the legitimate aspirations of the people. Over the past decades, these developed worlds imagined that the years of war, of which they had borne the brunt, were behind them and that they could now afford to live in a sustained and guaranteed prosperity, free from recession and unemployment.

“In the meantime, the developing countries that had achieved some sort of national independence were looking forward to a future they perceive ahead of them after securing what was achieved by those who were the forerunners of advancement. They thought that they could afford to rely on their own resources and on the support of those advanced through synergic, capable and competent international authorities and organisations to assist them in keeping pace with securing their move towards the future.

But the current situation in the world as we see it is confronting all of us with a critical contradiction, where neither the ground for reassurance is available from the advanced nations, nor the ground for hope is certain and guaranteed for the growth seekers.

That will set before the world intellectuals and decision-makers a very complex challenge.

“We neither face a devastating global danger, nor a reassuring situation of global stability, and in our opinion what we see before us, whether in the field of politics or in economy and finance, has basic implications that mean that if the major realities about the causes of progress are noticeable, and if the political and economic fluctuations – in the money markets and political practices – are in trouble, that means the disorderliness in this contradiction between the real, which entails reassurance, and the actual, which causes concern, is in the systems and not in the basics, in the management, not in the potentials.

“To conclude, what we expect from this forum are not resolutions of any of the issues because that, in our opinion, is affected by the real liquidity situations which threaten the global economic solidity as well as the political practices.

In this forum, you are confronted by an agenda full of important global, regional and local issues, but allow me to remind you that all the issues and problems that concern us are associated with the wider framework, and while we cannot allow many of the problems to linger on until the clouds building up around us dissipate, we see that today’s uniquely interdependent world cannot find the best solutions without a stable atmosphere and orderly situations, where each of us could make sound planning on the basis of clear perceptions and rules according to which balanced calculations could be made.

I wish you and the Forum all success.” The Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs, HE Sheikh Hamad bin Jassim bin Jabor al Thani also delivered a speech at the opening session of the Forum in which he underlined the success of the Forum over the past ten years in opening a free, responsible and constructive dialogue among the participants leading to initiatives to be taken for the benefit of all.

The opening ceremony was attended by President Tarja Halonen of Finland, President Gjorge Ivanov of Macedonia, wife of Jordan’s King Abdullah II, Queen Rania, President of Zanzibar Amani Karume and Prime Minister Gordon Bajnai of Hungary.

It was also attended by the Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs, HE Sheikh Hamad bin Jassim bin Jabor al Thani, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Energy and Industry Abdullah bin Hamad al Attiyah, besides a number of Sheikhs and ministers, the Advisory Council Speaker, heads of the diplomatic missions in Qatar and other dignitaries.

source :-www.qatar-tribune.com
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