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Redesign Summit to focus on global ties
DOHA: The Global Redesign Summit in Doha, scheduled to be held on May 30-31 at Sheraton Doha, will focus on proposals for improved international cooperation.

Mohamed Al Rumaihi, Assistant to Foreign Minister for follow-up affairs, addressing a press conference yesterday explained that the Global Redesign summit is held based on Qatarís initiative on 2009 and was backed by Sigapore, Switzerland and Tanzania.

World Economic Forum in Davos adopted the initiative and assigned a task force comprising scientists to conduct a scientific research for developing the intitiative.

More than 1,200 of these leaders from the academic, policy, business and non-governmental communities have been working as part of the Forumís Global Agenda Councils.

A brainstorming of more than 700 experts was held in Dubai in November last year while the whole Forum network, including industry groups, young global leaders and social entrepreneurs, have also contributed ideas. In parallel, these discussions have run through the Forumís Regional and other Summits.

Since the financial crisis began, the World Economic Forum has provided a platform through its Global Redesign Initiative for business, political and civil society leaders to examine gaps in international cooperation and develop proposals to overcome some of these shortcomings.

The Forumís Annual Meeting this year in Davos devoted a large part of both its public and private meetings to presenting and reviewing these proposals. Some were tested in so-called Ideas Labs, others were debated in public meetings, and still others were the subject of detailed discussion in different industry groups.

For example, there was intense debate between bankers, regulators and ministries present on appropriate levels of bank capitalisation and regulation for the future.

There were similarly frank exchanges on how to help move the climate change agenda forward before the next inter-governmental meeting in Mexico at the end of this year.

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