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HH the Emir Opens Doha Forum 2010 & Enriching Future Economy Conference /3
Attn. QNA subscribers , Pls. consider QNA item No.0040 Lo TRA 2/ General/ Qatar/ /H.H. the Emir and slugged /HH the Emir Opens Doha Forum 2010 & Enriching Future Economy Conference /2/ as /MORE/ and take the following item to be the last one. For his part, HE Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Sheikh Hamad bin Jassim bin Jabor Al Thani has delivered a speech at the opening session of the forum in which he underlined that the forum has undertaken over the past ten years to open free , responsible and constructive dialogue and has adopted open discussion as a basis for action and achieving gains for all the participants and then let them free to offer whatever ideas and initiatives to be taken into consideration at the humanitarian level for the benefit of all . HE Sheikh Hamad Bin Jabor Bin Jassim Al Thani made clear that the main topics of the forum are similar and interrelated in their relationship with the international and humanitarian affairs in each year since its inception , explaining meantime that this year''s topics had been chosen more extensively within the agenda of the forum, in coordination with the concerned partners of the research centers in the world. HE the Prime Minister and Foreign Minister indicated that the forum''s organizers have forumlated their concept on how best to develop the forum in its 11th edition next year while the forum is considering in its current edition the idea of culminating its current deliberations with a statement or a communique that could be a base to be build upon in its next sessions. ''''Democracy at the inner level is the sole means for realizing the social peace on the basis of justice, equity and equality , the matter which would lead us inevitably to provide for stability and thus rules and frames required for the development of communities for a better life in all areas will be available'''', said the Prime Minister And Foreign Minister in his speech before the forum. He further said that via such a channel, the responsible freedom would be availble to explore means of science and knowledge and what it involves of creativity and a peaceful settlement would prevail and under tensions and conflicts that plagued social relations noting that democracy is in itself a recognition of a predetermined acceptable legal framework governing the social relations. HE Sheikh Hamad bin jabor bin jassim Al Thani further that the other important fact is that the prevalence of such an approach in the governance of communities must in turn be reflected on relations between the different communities and thus those countries that are represented in their relations with each other. HE the prime minister and foreign minister stressed that whenever democracy be prevailed in international relations , the force of law would in turn prevail on the law of force as being the adequate approach for spreading peace , security and stability, which would accordingly lead to availability of means of humanitarian development in a manner of cooperation and solidarity to realise the common interest of humanity. Concluding his speech, HE Sheikh Hamad Bin Jassim Bin Jabor Al Thani welcomed the dinstinguished guests and the participants attending the Forum who have the experience and views and contributions to offer to the forum.(END) Contribute a better translationand the each other and interrelative and feartures opened the Doha Forum 2010 and the Enriching the Middle East''s Economic Future Conference at the Ritz Carlton Hotel. translationShow romanization Ways of science and knowledge and what it involves creativity and prevail in a peaceful settlement plagued by social relations, tensions and conflicts .. noting that democracy is in itself a recognition of the legal framework governing the predetermined acceptable social relations. Contribute a better translation

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