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Doha Forum, Enriching Future Conference Continue Sessions
Doha, June 01 (QNA) - The Doha Forum 2010 and the Enriching the Middle East''s Economic Future Conference, which was opened yesterday, continued its session Tuesday at the Ritz Carlton Hotel and held its first morning session, entitled "Development and Global Development Project." The session was addressed by the 64th President of the UN General Assembly Dr. Ali Abdel Salam Al Triki, the former President of Poland Alexander Kwasniewski, European Parliament Vice President Rodi Krasta, Renaud Donnedieu de Vabres''''Former French Minister'''', and Member of the Canadian Parliament Paul Dewar and the Third Vice-President of the Spanish Government Manuel Chavez Gonzales. Dr. Al Triki stressed the importance of achieving democracy and development and promoting the free trade globally. He noted that there are more than a billion hungry people around the world and that more than two billion are deprived of the basic components of life, pointing out that more than five million people die in Africa each year from AIDS, malaria and other diseases. Dr. Al Triki referred to the money spent on the wars in various countries in the world, including Afghanistan and Iraq, in addition to conflicts in various parts of the world, saying that there are 130,000 foreign troops in the African continent belonging to the peacekeeping forces of the United Nations, with more than $8billion spent on them annually. He condemned the Israeli violations against the Palestinian people and made a reference to yesterday''s Israeli attack on the Free Gaza Flotilla, calling it ''''Piracy''''. Speakers at the session stressed the importance of the joint action to be launched at a global level to overcome the global financial crisis and promote the free trade agreements, achieve food security and handle climate change and poverty issues.

Speakers at the session pointed to the challenges facing the development process, especially water and food, energy, migration and conflicts, which can be handled only through the international cooperation and partnerships. They also pointed to the need to adopt new strategies to address global challenges through the cooperation between Europe, the Middle East and the GCC countries and try to find a common vision to contribute to the achievement of the development process globally. They stressed the importance of promoting education to achieve development and keep pace with technological development as the human development is one of the major challenges that must be faced. They pointed as well to the emergence of China and India as key economic players at the global level and to the problems of poverty in Asia. (END)

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