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H.E. SHEIKH HAMAD BIN JASSIM BIN JABR AL-THANI First Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Foreign Affairs
The Address of H.E SHEIKH HAMAD BIN JASSIM BIN JABR AL-THANI First Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Foreign Affairs State of Qatar In The Sixth Doha Forum on Democracy, Development and Free Trade In the Axis of Enhancing Democracy and combating Terrorism In the name of God, The most compassionate, the most merciful. Ladies and Gentlemen. Dear presence. I have the pleasure to be among you in this session dedicated to dialogue on the topic "Enhancing democracy and combating terrorism". First, I would like to discuss some points relating to the issue of concepts. What is the democracy ? Very humbly, I would like to clarify the following points:- The concept of democracy stands on fundamental basics and principles which - as a whole - aiming at its final outcome to realize the justice not with the ultimate but the relative meaning suitable in place and time. For this reason, the perspective of democracy should launch from "a real standing point" which inspiring the application of basic fundamentals and total principles in the democratic exercise. This fundamentals are materialized in building the state of institutions, human rights, effective popular participation in government and rule in accordance with the law and principles of transparency and accountability which guarantee the majority's opinion of the people. The democracy is not a formal process represented in wording texts. It is not a makeup or procrastinating process aiming at absorbing general social indignation in order to make the status of the Political power remained as it is. The success of the democratic option in the political field require the adoption and execution of comprehensive development plan in both economical and political fields in order to guarantee the balance of the tracks in the state's movement due to inter-organic connection between such tracks. The democratic option should be originated from the self-determination of the society. The democracy can not be rooted when imposed from abroad according to ready prescriptions which have no relationship with the society targeted with democracy application. The application of democracy is not free of some obstacles in application due to the difference in social and economical characteristics of the societies. Therefore, we should be aware that the real democracy can not be correctly instituted with only political decision making to instill its principles if the democracy application will not be accompanied by continuous process of awareness with the democratic system culture in line with the application of democratic rule mechanisms. Finally, we should believe in the graduation since the jumping over the social realism or adopting the philosophy of " Revolutionization" and abstracting the time mostly ending in proofs are many from the past and our current time - conflicts leading to deep social and security imbalances. All these factors are streaming in final outcome which crystallized in comprehensive reformative policy in political, economical and social field with utmost priority given to the cultural base which gives the supporting power to the reformative process as its basic entrance. It is not sufficient to merely change the nature and type of ruling systems or rulers, but the brains should be changed to attain a complete awareness and comprehension which depend on enlightenment and accept the new modernization which is not excluding the whole principles of social heritage without intellectual reason, and which respect the values of freedom and difference in opinion, with diversity, equality, transparency, empowerment of the woman, rights of the child. In brief to respect the human rights in it's comprehensive structure politically, economically and socially. What is the Terrorism ? If the definition of fundamental bases for democracy conception is an easy and agreeable matter in general, this fact incorrect in defining the conception of terrorism. In order to put my participation within the topic of this dialogue, it can be said that our important issue-according to the common U.N. expression is "the international terrorism which endanger the lives of innocent people or cause them death or threatening the basic freedoms". It is generally known that the international community has not yet arrived collectively to specific definition on international terrorism, despite the phenomenon of terrorism - with all its sides - was subject of consideration from researchers and analysts within not short time. Without getting into details, there are some details and general aspects that I would like to mention now have relationship with our topic. The terrorism in general - is naturally based on ideological motives. The terrorism is accompanied by violence. Causing public terror is a state related to terrorism. The terrorism acts are launched from political and ideological motives on the grounds of deep belief characterized mostly by extremism, self-closing that the violence is legal as a from of political protest aiming at forcing the power to act in specific way. The terrorism-in general- emerge from misery, disappointment, sense of injustice and despair which make the people sacrificing their lives in order to realize fundamental changes. The patterns of terrorism are multiple some of which are indicated as state terrorism within the regimes of dictatorships, authoritatives, regimes of colonization and occupation. Some patterns are related to the organized crime inside and out bounding the some state; also the international terrorism which is the subject of my participation. In this respect, the international public opinion goes to exclude the acts of occupation legal resistance from the international terrorism. The problem of terrorism is political, psychological moral and basically legal. Enhancing democracy and combating terrorism. Now, the question launches from central context of the speech: Does the enhancement of democracy play role in combating terrorism. ? I see humbly- that building democracy with the specified conception and enhancing its application, is considered one of the most effective means to treat the phenomenon of terrorism. The reason is that the basic principles of democracy, with its meanings from freedom, equality, state of law, institutions, popular participation, the good rule with the its incomes for the plans of comprehensive social and economical development is really representing general acquisitions for all. In this meaning, and as long as there is insistence to apply and enhance democracy politically, economically and socially is a serious and transparent process, not characterized by the formative touches, or hidden ideologies of tyranny, it will be able to remove the misery, disappointment, sense of injustice or despair which motivating some of people to commit terrorism acts. Enhancing democracy on providing democratic security will provide the environment necessary for the security of the society against terrorism but not ultimately. We should confront the cases of overdosing and extremism in thinking and self-closing which essentially contradictory with the principles which the democracy is based on. In this area the importance of available legal means to treat such phenomenon's under democratic rule which crystallized on insisting on intellectual satisfaction methods in lieu of being limited to the methods of military, violence are there, violence breeds violence. Ladies & Gentlemen, Since we are dialoguing on enhancing democracy as a method of combating international terrorism, we should not ignore the consideration of some basic points, from which are the following:- 1. As we call for disseminating and applying democracy internally, we should seek the same objective at the international level. The feeling of injustice and despair of receiving justice powerful countries and international relations organizations will make disappointment and generate misery and so a fertile environment of committing terrorism acts is prepared. 2. As the external intervention to impose the form, nature and results of democratic system in harmony with the interests of intervening parties is increasing, the hesitation in establishing good democratic systems is increasing too. This is aggravating the state of tension and the lack of international peace and security. 3. Searching the self-interests of the external powers through the silence towards non democratic practices of alliances and in the same time escalating the campaigns against others under the slogans of establishing democracy where it is not in accordance with the required political methodology is representing in reality the policy of double standard which is not supporting the dissemination of democracy. 4. The dissemination of democracy and its practices is stable duty of all. They are all beneficiaries from the result regardless of the countries of association. In consequence efforts must be exerted at different levels to prevent provocation regarding the doctrines and the actual promotion for the theories of the clash of civilizations through the adoption of explicit or implicit policies. Ladies & Gentlemen I would like to suffice with these four points and their examples, as well as other points that may come to mind which one many from the reality of our area and the world wide. They are undoubtedly known to you . In conclusion, I would like to say that the democracy is not a slogan. It is a style which the decent human life can not be straight without. If we succeed in providing the ways to support such style, then we can be secure from the International terrorism. Thanking you.
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