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Final Communiqué of the Inter-faith Dialogue Conference
Final Communiqué of the Inter-faith Dialogue Conference Under the auspices of H.H. the Emir of the State of Qatar, the 4th Inter-faith Dialogue Conference was held , on 25-27 April 2006 " at the Four Seasons Hotel in Doha, the capital of the State of Qatar, under the title "the Role of Religions in Building the Human Being". The Conference convened seven scientific sessions. The participants have reached the following recommendations: First: To extend thanks and appreciation to H.H. the Emir, Government and people of the State of Qatar, as well as to Qatar University and Permanent Conference Organizing Committee of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, for the appreciable positive initiative to organize this annual global forum for dialogue among scholars of the three divine faiths: Judaism, Christianity and Islam, with a view to promoting reciprocal communication and mutual understanding among followers of the these religions. Second: To emphasize the importance of the role of religion in building a human being who is adequately sound psychologically, mentally and physically as he is envisaged to be the vicar of God on Earth and maker of civilizations and progress. The participants agree that without such a role the human being will not attain the summation of his/her humanity. Third: The participants call for respect of sanctities and religious symbols, and stress that respect of sacred beliefs does not contradict the right to expression. The participants look forward to an international legislation issued by the United Nations, calling for respect of religions and incriminating abuse of their symbols. Fourth: The Conference recommends exerting assiduous efforts to correct misconceptions, revise textbooks as well movies and drama works and act to eliminate mutual misunderstanding by each party of the other. Fifth: The participants affirm that religions are exonerated from terrorist acts, intimidation and killing of peaceful civilians and other such atrocities which are committed by some countries and intolerant religious followers. Sixth: The participants call for dissemination of noble religious values such as justice, tolerance, equality, openness towards and communication with the other, consolidation of the principles of plurality and the person's right to choose his religion with full freedom. Seventh: The participants call for exerting efforts required to convey the positive spirit of these faiths and dialogues to the broad grass roots of the followers of the three religions with a view to realizing the desired objectives of such meetings bringing together religious scholars and leaders. Eighth: The participants stress that religions do not oppose science but rather encourage scientific research and acquisition of its technologies and instruments. Religions - on the contrary - call for the peaceful and positive application of the findings of such research in order to achieve the happiness of mankind. Ninth: The three religions reiterate woman's status and her equality with man and stress that the family with its natural and innate disposition - (husband and wife) - is the sound basis for building human societies.


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