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International Islamic News Agency:Fourth interfaith dialogue conference underway in

Fourth interfaith dialogue conference underway in Doha
Qatar's Minister of State for Foreign Affairs Ahmad bin Abdullah Al Mahmoud opened the fourth Conference on Dialogue of Religions here yesterday. In his inaugural speech, the minister stressed that the religions of Islam, Christianity and Judaism were based on the oneness of Allah, the Almighty. "The primary basis from which emanates all these heavenly religions, centers on believing in the one and only Allah who created the universe and made man His true representative on earth," he said.
Ahmad bin Abdullah Al Mahmoud slammed the recent offensive campaign depicting Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) by some European newspapers. "Insult leveled against prophets, apostles and angles, which fuelled the sentiments of believers and followers of the three divine religions are by all means unacceptable and unjustifiable. Such phenomena are manifestations of discrimination. They are inconsistent with the principles of coexistence and even contradict the very concept of justice and open-mindedness," he said.
Several prominent figures, including leaders of various religions, including Muhammad Hamadi Zagzug, Egyptian minister of endowments, Rabbi Samuel Serrat, chief of university chair at UNESCO, and George Saliba, bishop of Orthodox, Mount Lebanon addressed the opening session. Prof. Aisha Yousuf Al Manae, dean of the Faculty of Shariah and Islamic Studies of Qatar university, was the moderator.
27 Apr 2006


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