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Insulting prophets unacceptable: Meet

Insulting prophets unacceptable: Meet
Web posted at: 4/26/2006 7:54:6
Source ::: The Peninsula/ by Zahra Hassan
The panel of speakers at the opening ceremony of the Doha 4th Conference on Dialogue of Religions, held at the Four Seasons hotel yesterday.

DOHA: Insult levelled against prophets, apostles and angles, which fuelled the sentiments of believers and followers of the three divine religions and prejudiced their beliefs including inter alia- theatrical plays, drawing and movies such insult are by all means unacceptable and unjustifiable. Such phenomena are manifestations of discrimination. They are inconsistent with the principals of coexistence and even contradict the very concepts of justice and open-mindedness, H E Ahmed bin Abdullah Al Mahmoud, Minister of State for Foreign Affairs, said here yesterday.

At the opening ceremony of the Doha 4th Conference on Dialogue of Religions, held at the Four Seasons hotels yesterday, the minister said, the event aimed to bring people of the faith and specialists together in order to explore avenues of mutual understanding and prospects for cooperation so that peace and amicable affection will prevail throughout the globe.

Qatar, he said, considers the interfaith dialogue as a concept which-in first place- promotes clear stating of views rather that argumentation, and stimulates reaching out to the other and getting to know one another.

The primary basis from which emanate all the three sublime message, Islam, Christianity and Judasim, centres on believing in the one and only Allah who created the universe and made a man a vicar of Allah on earth in order to inhabit and cultivate it and establish and adopt, to that matter, the norm of good. At the end of his speech Al Mahmoud called upon the participants who attended last year conference to explore the optimal means for following up the implementation of the recommendations.

Rabbi Samuel Serrat, Chief of university at UNESCO, Mohammed Hamadi Zagaoug, Egyptian minister of endowments and Metropolitan. George Saliba, Bishop of Orthodox, Surrealism of Mount Lebnon spoke at the session. Professor Aisha Yousef Al Manae, Dean of the College of Sharia and Islamic Studies of Qatar university, moderated the session.

Rabbi Serat, in his speech, condemned the bomb attack in Egypt earlier this week, adding that all religions preach love and not hatred. Those who perpetrated the heinous act, he said, had no respect for any religious faith or laws.


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