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Danish Muslim calls for UN ban on media

Danish Muslim calls for UN ban on media
Web posted at: 4/27/2006 8:31:20
Source ::: The Peninsula/ by Zahra Hassan

DOHA: The United Nations should pass a resolution banning the publication of material that blasphemes or insults religions, Dr Mohammad Fouad Albarazi, Director, Muslim Association of Denmark, said here yesterday.

In an interview with The Peninsula, Albarazi said he met the Danish premier only 10 days before the publication of the caricatures insulting Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) by a local daily.

"The meeting was about how the media should reflect the positive side of the Muslims there and not to exaggerate about some individual negative acts. This might have prompted he media there because out of sudden they start targeting Muslims and published the cartoons," he added.

Asked if the Danish government of did expect such strong reaction to the cartoons issue and about the general public opinion following its publication, Albarazi said, a survey made by the Doha-based Al Jazeera Channel revealed, some 52 per cent of Danish citizens opposed the printing of those caricatures.

"I live in Denmark were there are many good politicians and intellectuals who condemned the cartoons saying it had a negative impact to their economy and overall image of the country," he said.

The economy of Denmark was badly hit due to the issue and it lost millions of dollars due to a boycott of Danish-made products and brands in the Muslim world.

Some Danish firms had to pull out of the Middle East and their staff in the region became redundant, he added.

The population of Muslims in Denmark is about 5.200.000and among them 8,000 are of Danish origins.

"I am in favour of all parties calming down and start negotiations because it is the only way to handle such crises," Albarazi, added.

He denied as baseless that economic considerations and political pressures had prompted the publication of such cartoons by the daily.



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