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Draft Agenda
The Qatar Law Forum
Global Commitment to the Rule of Law
May 29th -31st, 2009
The Ritz Carlton Hotel
Doha, Qatar

Friday 29 May



Fath Al-Kheir

Press Briefing
Goals of the Qatar Law Forum

• Background and aims of the Qatar Law Forum:
o Dialogue between the world's leaders in law
o Achieving a discussion on the global commitment to the Rule of Law, and other legal issues that will benefit from truly international face to face dialogue, in particular the challenges in today's worldwide financial crisis
o Hosting the Forum in the Middle East will ensure issues are addressed both at a global level and in an Islamic context

- Mohammed Abdullah Al Rumaihi, Assistant Foreign Minister for Follow Up Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs - Qatar
- Malik Dahlan, Chairman, Quraysh Institution for Law and Studies
- Professor William Alford, Vice Dean, International and Graduate Programs, Harvard Law School - USA

Saturday 30 May



Al-Wasail Hall

Session 1

Welcoming Remarks:
- The Rt Hon Lord Woolf of Barnes, Co-convenor, Qatar Law Forum, President, Qatar Financial Centre Civil & Commercial Court
- Sir William Blair, Co-convenor, Qatar Law Forum, Chairman, Qatar Financial Centre Tribunal
- The Honourable Chief Justice Judge, Masood Bin Muhammad Al-Ameri, President, Supreme Judicial Council - Qatar

09:15 – 10:30
Al-Wasail Hall

Session 1 – Plenary

- The Rt Hon Lord Phillips of Worth Matravers, President-Elect, Supreme Court of the United Kingdom – England
Justice in the 21st Century: The Challenges of globalization
• What is the scale of the challenge?
• The most important dimensions in how the global legal community should meet this challenge?
• What are the tools necessary to tackle the issues?
• Are there lessons from jurisdictions of the relationship network between judiciary, government and legal profession?
- The Honourable Chief Justice, H.E. Sheikh Khalifa Bin Rashed Al Khalifa, President, Court of Cassation – Bahrain
- The Honourable Chief Justice, Mr. K. G. Balakrishnan – India
- The Honourable Chief Justice, Andrew Li – Hong Kong SAR
- The Honourable Chief Justice, Chan Sek Keong – Singapore
- The Right Honourable Chief Justice, Dame Sian Elias – New Zealand
- The Honourable Chief Justice, Mr. Justice Pius Nkonza Langa – South Africa
- The Honourable Chief Justice, Benjamin J. Odoki – Uganda

- Lord Woolf
- Prof. William P Alford, Vice Dean, International and Graduate Programs, Harvard Law School - USA


Coffee break

Al-Wasail Hall

The Role of International Judicial Bodies in Administrating the Rule of Law

- The Honourable Judge, Hisashi Owada, President, International Court of Justice – The Netherlands
- The Honourable Justice, Jean-Paul Costa, President, European Court of Human Rights – France
- Luis Moreno-O'Campo, Chief Prosecutor, International Criminal Court, The Netherlands.

- Sir William Blair

11:45 – 13:00
Al-Wasail Hall

Session 2
Shari'ah and Legal Reform in the Arab World

• What are the most important current initiatives – why?
• The future direction of legal reforms and the relationship between the Arab and non-Arab world
• Within the Arab world, how will the future direction deal with the different sources of law – including secular Islamic laws

- H.E. Dr. Ali bin Fetais Al-Marri, Attorney-General - Qatar

- The Honourable Deputy Chief Justice, Dr. Adel Omar Sherif, Supreme Constitutional Court – Egypt
- Dr. Jasser Auda, Founding Director, Al-Maqasid Research Center in the Philosophy of Islamic Law, Al-Furqan Foundation – England
- Professor Eugene Cotran, Visiting Professor & Chairman, Centre of Islamic & Middle Eastern Law, School of Oriental & African Studies, University of London – England, Special Adviser, Qatar Financial Center Judiciary
- Abdulaziz Algasim, Legal Adviser – Saudi Arabia
- Minister Dr. Driss Dahak, Secretary General, former Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of the Kingdom of Morocco – Morocco

- Professor Frank Vogel, Head, Muslim World Law, Institution Quraysh for Law & Policy, Founding Director, Islamic Legal Studies Program, Harvard Law School - USA

Al-Mukhtasar Hall


13:45 – 15:45
Al-Wasail Hall (4)






Al-Mukhtasar Hall (1)









Fath Al-Kheir









Al-Mukhtasar (2)

Speciality Networking Sessions
A. The Rule of Law Today

• Is there a common meaning of the
• Can it be universally applied?
• What is the state of the rule of law worldwide?
• How can the most important challenges be met?

Lead facilitator:
- Lord Falconer of Thoroton PC QC – England

- Professor Pierre Legrand, Universitι Pantheon-Sorbonne – France
- Professor Ken Starr, Dean, Pepperdine University School of Law – USA
- Meng Meng Wong SC, Wong Partnership – Singapore
- Dr. Hossam Abou Youssef, Commissioner Judge, Supreme Constitutional Court of Egypt, Legal Adviser – Qatar
B. Islamic Finance
• What are the principles of Islamic finance and what products are available?
• How are principles of Shar'iah law addressed in practice?
• Creating a harmony for collaborative business and regulation between Islamic and conventional finance systems
• The outlook for Islamic finance in the global recession

- Professor Frank Vogel, Head, Muslim World Law, Institution Quraysh for Law & Policy, Founding Director, Islamic Legal Studies Program, Harvard Law School – USA

- Dr Nazim Ali Director, Islamic Finance Project, Harvard Law School - USA
- Dr Mohammed Elgari Professor of Islamic Economics; former Director, Centre for Research in Islamic Economics, King Abdulaziz University - Saudi Arabia
- Michael McMillen Fulbright & Jaworski LLP - USA
- Dato’ Dr Nik Norzrul Thani Chairman, Zaid Ibrahim - Malaysia
- Ghiyath Shabsigh, Assistant Director, Monetary and Capital Markets Department, International Monetary Fund – USA
- Prof. Rodney Wilson, Faculty of Islamic Studies, Qatar Foundation – Qatar
C. Sports Law
• Why is law important in the sports context?
• How should the law be integrated into the global sporting market?
• How important is cross-border regulation, for example in anti-doping?
• The place for sports courts and tribunals
• The role of international institutions and competitions such as the Olympics – including the Qatar 2016 bid

Lead facilitator:
- Justice Sir Philip Otton, QFC Civil and Commercial Court - England

- HE Sheikh Saoud bin Abdulrahman Al-Thani Secretary-General, Qatar Olympic Committee - Qatar
- The Honourable Michael J Beloff QC Blackstone Chambers - England
- Ken Daly, Secretary-General, FIA International Court of Appeal - France
- Maurice Watkins Brabners Chaffe Street LLP – England
D. The Legal Profession Today: Local and International Practice
Supported by Qatar Lawyers’ Association and The Gulf Lawyers’ Association

• The structure of legal professions worldwide – one profession?
• Shared ethical duties and codes of conduct
• Regulation – local and international differences
• The role of transnational firms, local offices and foreign lawyers rights

Lead facilitator:
- Professor Ashish Nanda, Faculty Chair, Center for Law and the Profession, Harvard Law School – USA

- Rashid Nasser Al-Nuaimi, President, Qatar Lawyers’ Association - Qatar
- Dr. Said Hilal bin Mohamed Al-Busaid, President, Gulf Lawyers’ Union – Oman
A dialogue with the participation of the Presidents of the International Bar Association, LawAsia, the Inter-Pacific Bar Association and the International Union des Avocats; and with the Presidents of the Bar Associations and Law Societies of Australia, Berlin, Cyprus, England & Wales, Hong Kong, India, Malaysia, Netherlands, Nigeria, Paris, Russian Federation, Syria, Ukraine & USA.

Al-Wasail Hall

Session 3
From Delaware to Doha: the Legal Environment Necessary for Corporate Centres and Thriving Financial Markets

• Legal certainty for economic stability – the role of the rule of law
• Balancing strong governance with free market flexibility and efficiency
• Establishing a legal environment fit for local and international requirements

• Is cross-border regulation necessary and how can it be achieved?
• Favourable and transportable tax regimes

- Sir Anthony Evans, Chief Justice, Dubai International Financial Centre Court – UAE
- Justice Randy Holland, Superior Court of Delaware - USA
- Anne-Marie Leroy Senior, Vice-President and Group General Counsel, The World Bank Group – USA
- Professor Dr. Peter Nobel, Founding Partner, Nobel & Hug – Switzerland
- Jane Thorpe, Chief Legal Officer, QFC Authority – Qatar
- Sau-Ngan Wong, General Counsel, Securities Commission – Malaysia

- Professor Harvey Goldschmid, Dwight Professor of Law, Columbia University School of Law – USA


Cultural Program – visit to the Museum of Islamic Art

Al-Wasail Hall


Official Opening of the Qatar Law Forum

Official Opening Address :
- HE Sheikh Hamad bin Jassim bin Jabr Al Thani, Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs – Qatar

Session 4
International Organisation and the Economic Crisis: The Contribution of Global and Regional Cooperation in Trade and Finance

- HRH Prince El Hassan Bin Talal, Jordan
- HE Sheikh Ahmed Zaki Yamani, Former Saudi Minister of Petroleum and Mineral Resources - Saudi Arabia; Centre for Global Energy Studies
- The Honourable Judge Hissashi Owada , President, International Court of Justice - Netherlands.
- Anne Marie Leroy, Senior Vice – President and Group General Counsel , The World Bank Group - USA

- Ambassador Al Larson, Senior International Policy Adviser, Covington & Burling LLP; former Under Secretary of State for Economics – USA
• A New World Order?
• Global interdependence – a shared responsibility or a drive to self protect?
• The state of current cooperation - is it sufficient in today’s global market?
• Following historic solutions, or looking to a new global governance system
• The importance of the force of the rule of law, rather than the law of force
• The outlook for trade initiatives such as the Doha Development Round
International Organisations Questions:
- International Energy Agency, Nancy D Turck, General Counsel.
- OECD , Nicola Bonucci, Director for Legal Affairs.
- World Bank, Joseph Saba, Director.
- UNDP, Mohamed El Ghannam, Senior Programme Advisor for Rule of Law and Judicial Reform.
- IMF, Ross Leckow, Deputy General Counsel.
- WTO, Lauro Locks, Counsel, Legal Affairs Division .



Sunday 31 May

09:30 – 11:00
Al-Wasail Hall

Session 5 - Plenary
In a Time of Financial Stress: Regulatory Law and the Credit Crunch

• What lessons should be learnt from the state of today’s financial world?
• What are the challenges ahead?
• How can the law help?
• Using regulatory law: nationally and cross-border

- HE Yousef Hussain Kamal, Minister of Finance and Economy – Qatar

- Thomas C Baxter Jr, General Counsel and Executive Vice President, Federal Reserve Bank of New York - USA
- Sir John Gieve, former Deputy Governor, Bank of England - United Kingdom
- Ross Leckow, Deputy General Counsel, International Monetary Fund - USA
- Antonio Sainz de Vicuna, General Counsel and Director General of Legal Services, European Central Bank - Germany
- Sadeq Sayeed, Chief Executive Officer, Europe, Nomura International – England

- Phillip Thorpe, Chairman and CEO, QFC Regulatory Authority – Qatar


Coffee break

11:30 – 13:30
Al-Wasail Hall

Session 6
Law and Women

A session held in honour of the Arab Women’s Legal Network (AWLN)
• Women in the law in 21st century
• Valuing diversity within legal professions and judiciary
• Challenges still to be met – what is most important to address over the next 5 years?
• Making law available to women across the globe

- Dr. Hassan Abdulrahim Al-Sayed, Dean, Faculty of Law, Qatar University - Qatar

- Justice Ihssan Barakat, Chief of the Court of First Instance; Vice-President, AWLN - Jordan
- Dr. Lulwa Al-Misned, Acting Secretary-General, Gulf Organization for Industrial Consulting - Qatar
- Justice Barbara Dohmann QC, Justice, QFC Civil and Commercial Court – England
- Justice Claire Hepburn, Justice, Supreme Court - The Bahamas

- Roberta Cooper Ramo, President, The American Law Institute – USA

Al-Mukhtasar Hall


13:30 – 14:15
Al-Wasail Hall

An Introduction to the new Qatar International Judiciary
Over luncheon there will be an opportunity to meet members of the QFC Civil and Commercial Court and the QFC Regulatory Tribunal to hear first-hand more detail about their aims and objectives

QFC Civil and Commercial Court:
- President of the Civil and Commercial Court Lord Woolf

Justices of the Court:
- Justice Aziz Ahmadi
- Justice Lord Cullen of Whitekirk KT
- Justice Barbara Dohmann QC
- Justice Sir Peter Gibson
- Justice Sir Philip Otton
- Justice Ronald Sackville QC OA

Registrar of the Civil and Commercial Court:
- Michael McKenzie CB QC

QFC Regulatory Tribunal:
- Chairman Sir William Blair

Members of the Tribunal:
- Michael Thomas QC
- Professor Francois Gianviti

- Robin Knowles CBE QC

Al-Wasail Hall

Session 7
New Trends in Legal Education Development

• How do we make lawyers - a shared approach?
• Is it scholarship? Or practice?

• Continuing professional education
• The interface between academia and shaping development of the law

- HE Professor Sheikha Al Misnad, President, Qatar University

- Professor Malcolm Grant CBE, President and Provost, University College London – England
- Professor Jianbo Lou, Associate Professor of Law, School of Law, Peking University - China
- Jean-Franηois Thony, Directeur, Ecole Nationale de la Magistrature - France
- Professor Sarah Worthington, London School of Economics – England

- Professor Gail Hupper, Director, LLM and International Programs, Boston College of Law – USA


Coffee break

17:30 – 18:45
Al-Wasail Hall

Session 8
International Dispute Resolution:
Mediation and Arbitration and the Place of Law and Economics

• The state of play today for mediation and ADR in different jurisdictions
• Should alternative resolution mechanisms have law at their heart - is law always the best tool for solving disputes?
• The versatility for mediation in settling international disputes
• The role for mediation in settling for international disputes

- Judge Nancy Atlas, USA District Court, Southern District of Texas - USA
- Professor Gabrielle Kaufmann-Kohler, University of Geneva; Partner, Lιvy Kaufmann-Koh ler – Switzerland
- Michael Schneider, Founding Partner, Lalive - Switzerland
- Professor Thomas Stipanowich, Straus Center for Dispute Resolution, Pepperdine University School of Law – USA

- Professor Robert C Bordone, Director, Negotiation and Mediation Clinical Program, Harvard Law School – USA

Al-Wasail Hall

Closing address

- HE Hassan Bin Abdulla Al Ghanim, Minister of Justice – Qatar

closing remarks
- Mohammed Abdulla bin Mutib bin Al Rumaihi, Assistant Foreign Minister for Follow Up Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs – Qatar
- Lord Woolf, Co-convenor, Qatar Law Forum
- Sir William Blair, Co-convenor, Qatar Law Foru m
- Malik Dahlan, Chairman, Quraysh Institution for Law and Studies


Visit to Souk Waqif

under the patronage of H.H. the Emir Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa al Thani , H.E. Hamad Bin Jassem Bin Jabor Al-Thani inaugurated the Forum works

PM to open Qatar Law Forum today 30- 5-2009


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