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Qatar Tribune / Qatar committed to rule of law, peace: PM

DOHA Inaugurating the first Qatar Law Forum (QLF) here on Saturday in the presence of chief justices and legal luminaries, Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs HE Sheikh Hamad bin Jassim bin Jabor al Thani said the vision of democracy in Qatar had been defined by the policies of the Emir His Highness Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa al Thani since he assumed power in 1995.

“The gist of these policies is to bring peace, security, justice and comprehensive development in building of democracy without hurting the cultural sentiments of the society,” the Premier said.

“We have embarked on a path to build a state of institutions, provide due respect to human rights and boost people’s participation in management and governance on the principles of transparency and accountability.

It involves the opinion of the majority based on the national constitution endorsed by the Qataris through vote in 2005,” he added.

The premier said the constitution stipulated that the rule of law was the foundation stone of governance in the state and adopted a number of principles to achieve this goal.

To ensure separation of power, equality among people and for the observance of the country’s provisions, the PM said that the country had embarked on a process to review the present legislation and to upgrade it as per the modern day requirements for sustainable development.

He said, “We do not rule out the possibility of lacunae in the legislation as a result of development in the legal field.

We look forward to the discussions and opinions of the participants to overcome the deficiencies.” “The work of law is to organise the social life by upholding of all individuals freedom and defining their duties but this must be based on the foundation of freedom and equality.

However, an individual’s freedom stops at the limit of the duties imposed by law,” the premier said, adding the ultimate goal was to ensure peaceful coexistence in the society.

The prime minister said the concept of the rule of law was one of the basic principles of the constitution and it was not possible for the public authorities in a particular country to exercise their authority except by virtue of written laws promulgated in accordance with constitutional procedures with a view to realising the principles of protection against arbitrary rules in individual cases.

“This concept clearly manifests itself in a democratic society which adopts human development on the basis of good governance in which political, economic and administrative authorities are exercised at all levels.

The state alone is incapable of building a democratic and just society involving transparency, accountability, efficiency and justice,” the premier said.

Stressing the need for global commitment to rule of law, he said the consolidation of the rule of law principle at the national level was not sufficient unless adopted at the international level since no country today lived in

isolation. “Therefore, there is a

necessity to organise international

relations in a way that

upholds rights and imposes

duties on the basis of the rule of

law, the Premier said, adding it

was no secret that the United

Nations had been considering

this issue for years through its

sixth legal committees

Speaking at the inaugural session,

Qatar’s Supreme Judiciary

Council Chairman HE Judge

Massoud bin Mohamed al

Ameri stressed the importance

of judiciary in the interpretation

of laws and revitalising

them in practice.

Highlighting the role of the

judiciary in achieving social

control through, he said there

were three legal systems: Latin,

Anglo-Saxon and Islamic

Sharia. “Though there are differences

in their mechanisms,

they share a common goal

when it comes to delivery of justice,

he said, adding the judges

had been given the responsibility

to maintain peace and protect

the rights of human beings.

A number of participating

judges and legal professionals

from various countries gave

speeches during the session on

a number of challenges facing

the world today such as globalisation

effects, climate and religious

changes and means of facing

them to serve the interests

of future generations.

They said tense situations

could be solved by two means,

either war or law, referring in

this context to the significance

of this forum for the discussion

of such vital aspects.

Participants underlined the

need for international adherence

to independent legal systems,

international agreements,

sacrifices and respect and

enforcement of law on all levels

to face such challenges.

under the patronage of H.H. the Emir Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa al Thani , H.E. Hamad Bin Jassem Bin Jabor Al-Thani inaugurated the Forum works

PM to open Qatar Law Forum today 30- 5-2009


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