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18:00-21:30 Opening Ceremony and Dinner


Al-Wasail Hall





Al-Wasail Hall 

• Welcoming Notes:
H.E. Prime Minister, Minister of Foreign Affairs
• Opening Speech:
H.H. The Amir of The State of Qatar

Guests of Honour Statements:
- H.E Taria Halonen, President of Finland
- H.E. Ban Ki-moon, Secretary-General, United Nations

Opening Session of the Forum :
Progress of Democracy and Reform in the World


- David Foster, (Media Specialist)

- H.E. Dr. Saleem Al Hoss, Former Prime Minister, Lebanon.
- The Rt. Hon. Jack Straw ,Leader- House of Commons, UK.
- Amr Moussa, General Secretary, League of Arab States.
- H.E. Dr. Thaksin Shinawatra, Former Prime Minister, Thailand.
- H.E. Senator Marc Harb , Member of Parliament , Canada.

Dinner Party


Time / Hall


09:00 –11:00
Al-Wasail Hall
"Economic Transitions: From the Welfare State to Globalization Economies"
- Dr. Mohamad Abu Hamour, Former Minister of Finance and Chairman of Executive Authority for Privatization , Jordan


• Shaikha Hanadi Bint Nasser Bin Khalid Al Thani, Vice Chairperson and Managing Director, Amwal, Qatar
• Dr. Youssif Al-Hassan, Director General, Emirates Institute of Diplomacy, UAE
The Transition in the Gulf Post-Welfare State.
• Dr. Fadil Mahdi, ESCWA, Lebanon
The Economic Impact of Globalization in Developing Countries.
• Dr. Joseph Jabbra, President, American University of Beirut, Lebanon..
Building Arab Capacity through Education.
• Dr. Ali Aissaoui, Head of Research, Arab Petroleum Investment Corporation. KSA
A stronger Case for Economic Diversification in MENA Region
• Mr. Chan Heng Kee, CEO, Civil Service College, Singapore.
Training as a Key to National Development.

Discussion Topics

• Unified Currency.
• Role of governments regarding the provision of industrial capitals.
• Role of finance, liquidity and support for major projects.
11:00 –11:30 Coffee Break.
Time / Hall


11:30 –13:30
Al-Wasail Hall

"Freedom of Media: Fact or Fiction"

- Mr. Nick Gothery, Journalist and Program Director of “Dateline London”, BBC,UK

• Mr. Nigel Parsons, Managing Director, Al Jazeera English Language Channel, Qatar
Phenomenon of new satellite channels.
• Dr. Mitham Al-Janabi, Professor and Writer, Russia
Media Ideology.
• Mr. Chris Doyle, Director Council of Arab-British Understanding, UK
• Dr. Alhassan Bou Quntar, King Mohamed 5th University, Morocco
• Dr. Yuri Sigov, Bureau Chief, Businessmen Magazine, USA
• Mrs. Carolyn O'Hara, Editor, Foreign Policy Magazine, USA

Discussion Topics
• Impact of Information flow on media freedom.
• The role of media in the promotion of Peace and the spread of Violence

13:30 –15:00

Open Lunch
At Lagoon Restaurant

Lunchon and Discussion Session- (Berkeley):

(Empire and the Clash of Civilizations)

- Prof. Nezar Al-Sayyed, Chair, Center for Middle Eastern Studies, Berkeley University, California, USA.


• Professor Derek Gregory, University of British Colombia, USA
Cultures of War: Imaginary Arab Cities .
• Professor Mark Gillem, University of Oregon, Euagene, USA.
America Town: Building the Outpost of Empire
• Professor Ananya Roy, University of California, Berkley, USA
Development at the Limits of Empire.
• Dean John Lee, University of California, Berkley , USA
Recruiting gender for the course of empire.
• Raka Ray, University of California, Berkley, USA
Global disaster.


From a Clash of Civilizations to the Clash of Globalization (Prof. N Al-Sayyed)
Time / Hall Free Trade
16: 00- 18:00
Al-Wasail Hall
"The Gap between the North and the South"

- Dr. Paola Subacchi, Head of International Economics Program, Shatam Institute, UK.


H.E., Liv Monica Stubholt State Minister-Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Norway.
Associations for constant Development-Oslo Conference for rational leading and social and environmental responsibilities.
• Dr. Jassim Hussein, Member of House of Representatives, Kingdom of Bahrain
Adverse Effects of FTA’s.
• Dr. Mohamed Nahavandian, Chairperson, Tehran Chamber for Commerce, Industry, and Mining, Advisor to the Iranian President, Iran
North-South relations, globalization and regionalism.
• Dr. Parvez Ahmed, Chairman, CAIR, Council of American Islamic Relations and Professor of Finance in Florida University, USA
Ethics & Social Responsibility of Financial Markets.
• Dr. Adnan Omar,Proffesor and Chairman of Management Information Systems, Southern University, New Orleans, USA.
Spam's effect on e- Trade.
• Dr. Stormy Mildner, Senior Researcher and Foreign Trade Expert, German Institute for International and Security Studies, Germany
Discussion Topics

• Role of services sector.
• Negative aspects of Free Trade agreements.
18:00 –18:30 Coffee Break.
Time / Hall Political Reform
18:30 –20:30
Al-Wasail Hall
"Political Reform :National Programs and External Projects"

-Professor Gerd Nonyman, Lancaster University, UK


• H.E. Prof. Dr. Emil Constantinescu, Former President of Romania
• Dr. Ali M. Fakhroo, Former Minister of Education, Kingdom of Bahrain
Danger of Deviation from Democracy.
• Dr. Shabbir Cheema, Director, Global Forum on Reinventing Government, UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs, New York, USA
Rethinking "Government Reinvention" and regional implications, and obstacles to organizational reform.
• Dr. Ghassan Salameh, Former minister of Culture, Professor of International Relations, Institut D'Etudes Politiques de Paris, France, Former Minister of Culture, Lebanon
International Political Developments and regional implications(A Geo-Political Dimension).
• Dr. Abdul Khalik Abdullah, Professor of Political Science, UAE University, Al Ain, UAE
An Outlook at the future of the Region (The Regional Dimension).
• Dr. Clovis Maksoud, Director, Center for the Global South American University, Washington, DC
• H.E. Dr. Azmi Bechara, Arab Member of the Israeli Knesset

Discussion Topics

• Crisis and Demand for Reform and Danger of Deviation from Democracy.
20:30 –22:30
Al-Wasail Hall

Open Dinner
At Lagoon Restaurant
Dinner and Discussion Session-IDEA.
Challenges to Democracy Building in a Global and Regional Perspective

-Mrs. Lena Hjelm-Wallen, Chair, International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance(IDEA)- Sweden


• Dr. Abdalla Hamdok, Director, IDEA Africa and Middle East, South Africa
An overview of the Global and Regional Challenges to Democracy building.
• Ms. Ingrid Wetterquist, Head of Planning and External Relations- IDEA, Sweden
IDEA's response and contributions to current challenges to Democracy Building.
• Mr. Imad Youssef, Project Manager for the Arab World –IDEA, Sweden
• Dr. Abdul Karim-Al-Iryani, President, Cultures Bridge Forum, and Chairman of National Bureau For Human Rights, Yemen
• H.E. Eng Abdul Hadi Al-Majali, President, House of Representatives , Jordan


Time / Hall


09:00 –11:00
Al-Wasail Hall

"Future Parameters for Administrative Reform and Development"

- H.E. Dr. Yousef H Al-Ebraheem, Minister of Finance and Planning, Former Minister of State for Administrative Development Affairs, Kuwait


• Mrs. Claire Curtis- Thomas MP, Member of the House of Commons, UK.

• Edward J.Spar, Executive Director, Council of Professional Association of Federal Statistics, Washington, USA.
Balancing and Strategic Planning: Requirements and benefits for a governmental statistical system.
• Bechara Merhej, Former Minister of Administrative Reform, Lebanon.
Overcoming Barriers to Administrative Reform
• Dr. Ahmed Al-Kuwari, Project Manager, Service Improvement Initiative, Planning Council, Qatar
Role of Service Improvement in modernization of Public Sector.
• Dr. Eulian J. Roberts, Chief Executive, Qatar Science & Technology Park, Qatar.
Enabling Environment for Science & Technology.
• Prof. Roziah Omar, Executive Director, Woman and Family Development Institute, Ministry of Women, Family, and Community, Malaysia.
Cultural and Social dimension

Discussion Topics

• How to apply change in the Arab region and future challenges.
• Building Arab Capacity through Education.
11:00 –11:30 Coffee Break.
Time / Hall Human Rights
11:30 –13:30
Al-Wasail Hall
"The Impact of the Super Powers Policies"

- Cyril Ritchie, (CSFD 2006),USA


• H.E. Fredrick De Klerk, Former President of South Africa and Chairman of the Global Leadership Foundation.
• Dr. Khalid Al-Attiya, Human Rights National Committee, Qatar
Role of Civil Societies Organizations.
• H.E Amb. Dr. Mohamed Eziddin Abdulmonem, Professor of International Law, Member of UN Committee for Human Rights, Egypt
Assurance of Fundamental Rights
• Mrs. Mariam AL-Malki, National Coordinator, National Bureau for Lodging & Human Care, Qatar
Human Trafficking Phenomenon and its negative Impact on Human Societies.
• H.E. Senator. Pana Merchant, The Senate of Canada.

Discussion Topics

• Individual Rights

13:30 –15:30
Al Mukhtasar Hall and Lagoon Resturant

Open Lunch.

16:00 –18:00
Al-Wasail Hall


Discussion Session:
"Arab Reform Initiative"
Building Democracy in the Arab Region:
Is International Intervention needed?

- Dr. Basma Qadmani, Director of Arab Reform Initiative, France

• H.E. Dr. Saleem Al Hoss, Former Prime Minister, Lebanon.
• H.E. Mawloud Hamrouch, Former Prime Minister, Algeria
• Mr. Pascal Boniface, Director, International & Strategic Studies Institute, France
• Dr. Sayyar Al-Jameel, Iraqi Professor and Writer, Canada
• Mr. Ahmed Baha Eddin Shaban, Activist & Writer, Egypt
• Prof. Michael Brown, Dean Eliot School for International Affairs, George Washington University, USA
• Prof. Anoush Ehteshami, Institute of Oriental and Islamic Studies, Durham University, U.K
18:00 –18:15 Coffee Break.


18:15 –20:15
Al-Wasail Hall
Closing Session
The Arabs, The West, and Democracy

- The Rt. Hon. The Baroness Symons of Verham Dean, Member of the House of Lords and Chair of the Qatar All Party Group, UK.


• Zsolt Nemeth, Chair, Foreign Affairs Parliamentary Committee, Hungary.
Is the West really supportive of Democracy in the Arab World?
• H.E. Mawloud Hamrouch, Former Prime Minister, Algeria
• The Rt. Hon. The Lord Howe of Aberavon QC , Member of the House of Lords and Formerly British Foreign Secretary and Chancellor of the Exchequer, UK.
• Mrs. Kristi Westphalen, Counselor, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Finland
• H.E. Dr. Haris SILAJDZIC, Member of the Presidency, Bosnia and Herzegovina
• Mr. Scott Bates, Senior Representative ,National Democratic Institute, USA

Discussion Topics

• Western view on democratization in the Arab World.
• Democracy Support Funds.
• Various Views on imposition from outside.

AL Mukhtasar Hall & Lagoon Resturant

Open Dinner
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