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Tuesday, 11th  April, 2006

Time /Hall




Al-Dafna Hall

Opening  Address By

H. H. Sheikh Hamad Bin Khalifa Al-Thani
Emir of The State of Qatar

Al-Dafna Hall

Opening Ceremony


Mr. Dan Rather Anchor



-         Hon. Baroness Symons , Former State Minister

 for Foreign Affairs, Member of House of Lords ,


-         H.E AbdulAziz Abdulghani- President of Counsel

 State, Yemen.

-      H.E. Rossevelt Skeritt-Prime Minister , The

  Commonwealth of Dominica.

-      Azouz Begag - Minister delegate for the promotion of

20:00 –22:00
Al-Majlis Hall

Welcoming Dinner for Guests (Music):

Honored by

H. H. Sheikh Hamad Bin Khalifa Al-Thani

Emir of The State of Qatar

Wednesday, 12th  April, 2006

Time / Hall


09:30 –11:30
Al-Dafna Hall(1)


First Session (A) :

Regional Institutions and Future Challenges


Pascal Boniface

Chairman of the Institute for International and

Strategic Relations (IRIS) – France

Speakers :

-        Mr. Alain Marsaud – Member of French Parliament.

-        Ms. Bariza Kiari – Senator in the French Senate.

-        Dr. Nassif Hitti – Head of Mission, League of Arab

   States, Paris.

-        Lord Howell – Leader of the House of Lords (Shadow

    Government), U.K.

-        Dr. Mohammed Al Mesfer- Political Science, University of


-        Mr. Ibrahim Ghambari – Undersecretary of the Secretary

      General – UN. USA.


-        The growing role of the World Trade Organization (WTO) and its increasing impact on the international economic system and the North-South relations. 

-        Emergence of new partnerships responding to this historic stage, such as the Euro-Mediterranean partnership.

-        The strong return of a South-South cooperation ideology after its disappearance in the 1960ies, and the prominence of ??challenge currents?? for the traditional world system.

-        Fast globalization of international dilemmas such as oil price, protection of the environment, breakout of epidemics, and most recently the bird flu.

-        Fast globalization of international dilemmas such as oil price,  
Re-mapping of the role of the continental blocs, the international
      blocs and the Arab blocks in the light of the great transformations
      which have occurred in the field of international relations, and the
      obstacles which have prevented the Arab world to develop its
      regional institutions.

09:30 –11:30
Al-Dafna Hall(2)


First Session (B) :

Arab Human Development Reports - The Three Gaps



Dr. Clovis Maksoud
 Director of the Centre for the Global South
American University - Washington DC, USA.

Speakers and Concepts :-

-        Prof. Borhan Gallioni, Professor in Sociopolitical Science

  Director of the Contemporary Oriental Studies Centre -

  University of Sorbonne, Paris, France.

(Democracy and liberty)

-        Prof. Antoine Zahlan, Professor in Physics, International

   Advisor for the Affairs of Technology Transfer - London, UK.

(The knowledge gap)

-        Mrs. Noor Abdullah Al Malki, Supreme Council for Family

  Affairs - Doha, Qatar.

(Woman empowerment and gender equality)

-        Prof. Atif Kubursi, Professor in Economic Science -

  McMaster University - Ottawa, Canada.

     (The gap between capabilities and opportunities)

-        Hon. Claire Short –  Former Minister of International

  Development, Member Of Parliament, UK.

-           Dr. Michael Hudson – CCAS Georgetown University, USA.

09:30 –11:30
Al-Rayan Hall

Round Table (A) :

Free Trade : Organized by the Qatari Businessmen Association


Mr. Jean Marrie Pierre
Partner in Bain & Company, France.


·        Dr. Shiela Page- Researcher at the Development Institution, UK.

·        Mr. Hamdi Al-Tabaa, chairmen of Arabs businessmen Union, Jordan.

·        Ms. Carmen Gisela Vergara- Vice Minister of International Trade, Republic of Panama.

·        Dr. yashpal Tandon- Executive Director of South Center Organization, Swaziland.

·        Dr. Tayseer Abduljabar – Chairman Board  of Director Of Investment House Company for Financial Services – Jordan.

           Mr. Dana Rohrabracher  - Congressman , USA.


·        Impact of the free trade agreement on the private sector companies (opportunities and challenges).

·        Impact of the free trade agreement on the structure of export/imports and non commercial fields (capital markets-education-health and culture)

·        What are the appropriate mechanisms to apply the agreement in order to guarantee the increase of the public interest for the society.

-         Does the agreement lead to the increase or the fallback of the
       added value in the international economy.

11:30 –12:00


12:00 –14:00
Al-Dafna Hall(1)


Second Session (A) :


  Power and Opposition in the Arab Countries                           




·        Ms. Basma Ghadmani

 Director of the Arabian Reform  Initiative, France.




      -        Dr. Michel Kilo – Syria.

·        Dr. Ali Fayyad- Manager of the research notarization

institution, Lebanon.

·        Mr. Ahmed Najib Al-Shabbi- Lawyer, Tunisia.

·        Prof. George Joffe - King's College London & Centre

for International Studies, London.

·        Mr. Jameel Matar, President of Arabian Center

Research for Development and Future

             -       Mr. Osama Hamdan, Lebanon.

             -        Mr. Hatim Abd Elqadir – Member of PLM (Fateh),

            -    Mr. Naji Al-Ghatrifi – Secretary General, El-Ghad Party


-        The path of the civil societies in the Arab world between

the existing ruling regimes and different opposition


-        Can the opposition provide credible alternatives for the

existing regimes?

-        What are the intellectual references and ideological

sources of the opposition in the Arab world?

-        How does the opposition deal with the broader Middle

East project? Is there any organized opposition abroad?

When does the opposition become patriotic and



12:00 –14:00
Al-Dafna Hall(2)


Second Session (B) :

Strengthening the Partnership

between the Public and Private Sectors


Dr. Michael Hopkins

Chairman and CEO of MHC
        International Ltd. – London/ Geneva.

Speakers and Concepts :-

-        Dr. Ahmed Khalil Al- Mutawa, Secretary General of the

Gulf Organization for Industrial Consulting - Qatar.

(The policies and procedures for enhancing

medium and small projects)

-        Dr. Michael Hajir, Director of the Educational Foundation

for Employment - Washington, USA.

(Partnership between the public and private sectors

in employing the youth)

-        Dr. Majdi Iskender, Advisor at the World Bank -

Washington DC, USA.

(Partnership between the public and private sectors as a

good method for developmental policy for GCC States)


-        Mr. William Jefferson- Member of Congress, USA. 

-        Dr. Khalid Mohammad Algadi – Expert in Economical and

International Cooperation, Egypt


12:00 –14:00
Al-Rayan Hall


Round Table (B):

Civil Society Organizations


                         Dr. Yousif Mohammed Ubidan

Member of Human Rights's Committee, Qatar.


  • Akiko Yamanaka- Vice Minister Parliamentary
    Secretary, Japan.

  • Chris Doyle-Director of Council for Arab British Understanding, UK.

  • Dr. Hasni ABIDI, Director of Arab and Mediterranean Studies Center (CERMAM) Geneva, Switzerland.

  • Dr. Hussein Shabban –Director of Iraq's net for Human Rights, Iraq.

  • Mr. William Perry- William & Perry Associates, USA.

  • Mr. Scott Bates –  Vice President ,National Security Center for National Policy, USA.


-        Relationship of the civil society with the power.

-        Support of abilities and development of the democracy culture.

-        Development of democratic transformation mechanisms.

-     Those who are committed by activating human rights in
      development process and the nature of their commitment.

14:00 –16:00

Luncheon (Salwa Hall)

16:00 –18:00
Al-Dafna Hall(2)

Third Session (A) :

            Models of Economic Cooperation and



Dr. Hazim Al Bablawi

Former Secretary General of the

Economic and Social Committee for West Asia. Advisor

 to the Arab Monetary Fund -  Abu Dhabi, UAE.

Speakers :-

-        H.E Mr. Abdulrahman bin Hamad Al -Attiyah, Secretary

General of the Gulf Cooperation Council - GCC.

-        Prof. Erik Jones, Professor in European Studies, SAIS,

Bologna Centre University of Johns Hopkins - Bologna, Italy.

    (Globalization, regionalism and the World Trade


-        Prof. Paola Subacchi, Director of the World Economic

Programme - Chatham Royal House - London, UK.

    (Economic integration and a united currency are

lessons from the European Union)

-        Mr. Daniel Hanna, Director of International Markets,

Standard Chartered Bank - Doha, Qatar.

    (Consequences of monetary reforms in GCC states)

-        Prof. Surya P. Subedi -Lecturer in International Law,

Leeds University, UK.

-      Mr. C.R. Garry Khan , special envoy of the Indian government

       to West Asian countries, India.

      -        Mr. David Hamod-President of US-Arab Chamber of
            Commerce, USA.

16:00 –18:00
Al-Rayan Hall

Round Table (C):

Media and Press


         Dr. Ahmed Abdelmalik
 Media Expert, Qatar


  • Mr. Brian Hanrahan - BBC Channel, UK.

  • Ms. Robin Wright- Diplomatic Correspondent-

    Washington Post, USA.

  • Mr. Riad Kahwaji – Chief Executive – Near East and

    Gulf Military Analysis (INEGMA) , Dubai.

  • Mr. Dan Rather-  Anchor CBS News, USA.

  • Dr. Ramez Maluf – Prof. of Communication Arts –

    Lebanese American University, Beirut.

  • Mr. Lee Smith – Media Man, USA.


  • Difference of media values between the world regions
    and the influence of this difference on media thinking.

  • Media dictatorship and its role in misleading public

  • Has the time come to change the methods of the media
    in developing countries?

  • Towards a clear vision for the information flow between North and South, and the influence of this matter on
    media thinking.

                  -   How can the media adopt the values of tolerance and
                      acceptance of the other in an atmosphere of intellectual
                      and ideological clashes?

18:30 –20:00
Al-Dafna Hall(1)

Third Session (B) :

                  Enhancing Democracy and Combating



H.E. Sir Graham Boyce
 Former Ambassador, UK.



·        H.E Sheikh Hamad bin Jassim bin Jabr Al-Thani,

 First Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the

State of Qatar.

·        H.E. Ambassador Robert D. Blackwill-President, Barbour

Griffith & Rogers International.

·           Mr. Alain Marsaud – Member of French Parliament.

·       H.E.  Abdullah Tarmugi - Speaker/Singaporean Parliament,


     Mr. Gregory Meeks- Member of Congress, USA.

Concepts :-


20:00 –22:00


Thursday, 13th  April, 2006

Time / Hall


09:30 –11:30
Al-Dafna Hall(1)

Fourth Session (A) :


  Dialogue of Civilizations in Lieu
of Clash of Civilizations





                  Prof. Fred Halliday

Lecturer in International Relations, London
School of Economic, U.K


  • Hon. President. Ameen Al-Jmaiel -Former President of

    Lebanon, Lebanon.
  • Senator Ms. Alima Thierry-Boumedienne- Senate

    Council. France.

  • Mr. Judith Baily- President of Western Michigan

    University, USA.

  • Mr. Qasim Bu-Snaina -Chairman of Tunisians

    Parliamentarians Association, Tunisia.

  • Mr. Claude De Kemoularia – Vice President of Monaco

    Club, Monaco.


  • Mr. Dana Rohrabracher  - Congressman , USA.

  • Mr. Alexander Saltanouf - deputy Foriegn Minister -



-        A culture of tolerance and accepting the opinion of the other in

country policies and non-governmental organization programs.

-        Mission of education in making the acquaintance of the

different civilizations.

-        The performance of the media and means of communication in

their mission for peaceful dialogue and bridge-building between


09:30 –11:30
Al-Dafna Hall(2)

Fourth Session (B) :

Development and Reform Necessities





·        Dr. Michael Duggett
Director General of the International
Institute for Administrative Sciences, Brussels, Belgium


Speakers and concepts :


-        Mr. Tom De Graaf, Former Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Governmental Reform and Kingdom Relations, Amsterdam,
the Netherlands.

     (Government reform – the political-administrative


-        Dr. George Crom, Economic and Financial Advisor to the
Former Minister of Finance, Beirut, Lebanon.

(The adaptation to globalization - the economic dimension)

  -     Prof. Fabio Rugge, Dean of the Political Science Department, University of Pavia, Italy.

(Institutional construction –
the cultural and social dimension


-        Dr. Don Pepper, Founder and Chairman of Pepper and Rogers Group, Connecticut, U.S.A.

      (Building citizen confidence –
the communicative dimension

-          Lord Holme  - Member of  the House of Lords, UK.

11:30 –12:00


12:00 –14:00
Al-Dafna Hall(1)

Fifth Session (A) :

                            The Age of Great immigrations                                      



Michel Bounajem
Chairman of the Arabic Press
Club –(CAPE) France

Speakers :-

-        Dr. Madawi Al-Rasheed, Professor of Social Anthropology,

King's College, UK.

-        Mr. Philippe Fargues- Director of Euro-Middle  Compound for

practical Researches on International Emigrations, Italy.

-        Mr. Yazid Sabeg- Chairman and General Director of

Communications and Systems Company
, France.

-        Mr. Herve Le Bras – Professor and Demographic Specialist,

Writer, France

-        Dr. Juhaina Al-Essa-Lecturer at College Arts and Science,

University of Qatar.

-        General. Wesley  Clark- chairman and CEO of Wesley Clark &    Associates , USA

Concepts :-

-   To determine the conception of immigration and to investigate its
     real motives in politics, ideology, economy, agriculture and
     environment. To shape the features of the future in the light
     of such immigrations.

12:00 –14:00
Al-Dafna Hall(2)


Fifth Session (B) :

                 Sharing Best Practices Challenges and




H.E.  Shaikh, Hamad bin Jabr Bin Jassim Al-Thani,
Secretary General of the Planning Council - Doha, Qatar


Speakers and Concepts :-

-        Dr. Ahmed Bin Abdullah Al-Kuwari, Director of the Public

Service Development Project , Qatar.

     (Innovation and modernization/ satisfaction of

beneficiaries towards public services)

-        Mr. Salim Al Sha'eer, Director of E-Government in Dubai,


     (Successes of E-Governments)

-        Mr. Matts Mellin, Member of Swedish Parliament - Stockholm,


     (Citizen intermediary) (Ombudsman)

-        Mr. Ian Thynne, University Professor, Canberra, Australia.

     (Coordination between the public sector and the private


-        Mr. Derek Wyatt - Member of Parliament, UK.

-        Mr. Eni Faleomavaega – Member of Congress, USA.

14:00 –16:00

Luncheon (Salwa Hall)

16:00 –18:00
Al-Dafna Hall(1)


Sixth Session (A) :

Conception of Human Rights in the Light of



Dr. Claire Spencer
Head of the Middle East Programme, London

Speakers :-

-        Prof. Anoush Ehteshami-Lecturer in International Relations,

Head of School of Government and International Affairs at

Durham University, London.

-        Mr. Edward Garnier-Member of Parliament, UK.

-        Mr. Mohammed Bechari-President of French National Muslim

Federation, Paris, France.

-        Mr. Michael Brown, Dean Elliot School of International

Affairs, USA.

-        TBA


Concepts :-

-        What are human rights in terms of history, thinking, politics and


-        Does the universal conception of human rights contradict with

the privacies of each civilization? Is it possible to have a full

agreement between different cultures on a unified definition of

such rights?

-        What is the share of the Arabs from these rights through the

Arab League Human Rights Charter?

-        How the world looks at the issue of labor in the Arabian Gulf

from the Human Rights viewpoint, according to its internationally

known criteria.

16:00 –18:00
Al-Dafna Hall(2)

Sixth Session (B) :

The Role of Youth and Civil Society Organizations in

Political Reform


 Mr. Mike Gapes

Member of Parliament, Westminster

Foundation for Democracy, UK.

Speakers :-

-        Baroness Rawlings- Member of House of Lords, International

Development and foreign Affairs in the House of Lords, UK.

-        Dr. Ben Reid-Lecturer in Economics and international

researches, Bath university, UK.

-        Mr. Malek Cherbel- anthropologies, Psychoanalyst, Author,


-        Ms. Sheila Jackson Lee- Member of Congress, USA.

-        Dr. Hisham Younis- President of Arab Thinking Forum,

Daram University, UK.


-        Relationship between governments and civil societies.

-        How youth can share in decision making process and resources that affect them?

-        Building Collations between civil societies and government to
fight corruptions.

-        What are rights and obligations of youth towards their
governments and their people?

-     Strengthening youth groups activities for making social,
      educational, economic and  political changes.

18:00 –20:00

Reform in the Arab World   



·        Dr. Hassan Al-Ansari

 Director of the Gulf Studies Center - Qatar.


-        Dr. Baqer Al-Najjar – Professor at the University of

Bahrain, Kingdom of Bahrain.

-        Dr. Mohammed Ghanem Al-Rumaihi- Writer and

Professor at the University of Kuwait, Kuwait.

-        Dr. Glen Rangwala- Cambridge University, UK.

-        Dr. Saad Eddien Ibrahim – Center of Ibn Khaldoon, Egypt.

-        Dr. Ibtisam Al-Ketbi-lecturer in political science, Emirate

University, UAE.

      -       Mr. George A. Salem –Chairman of Arab American
              Institute, USA.

20:00 –22:00


Friday, 14th  April, 2006




Recreational Touristic Program

 or Open Day for those wishing.

   Assembly and departure from Sheraton Hotel Lobby

(Transportation Provided).

 Sealine Resort (Khor Al-Adeed)

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